My name is Jeff Collins.

I've been an avid golfer since high school and for the past fifteen years have worked in the auto sales industry. About eight years ago, at the age of forty-five and having been a manager for two years and sitting at a desk for long parts of the day, I found that I had gained thirty-five pounds. It became increasingly difficult to maintain a professional appearance at work or on the golf course. I was constantly trying to pull my pants up and tuck my shirt in.

The logical solution to my dilemma was suspenders. After a few days my combined weight, the graying and loss of my hair and the suspenders made me an easy target for ridicule. It wasn't long before I started to hear things like "grandpa", "old man", "lumpy" and "farmer Jones". Needless to say my new suspenders were quickly retired to the garbage can. There I was again faced with the same appearance problem.
I searched high and low for a product that would help me keep my pants and shirt secure without those embarrassing suspenders.

The first thing I tried was a product that attached my shirt to my pants, this product kept my pants up but my shirt had a tight and unnatural look and the first time I bent over the back of my shirt ripped.

The next thing I tried was a product that attached my pants to my undershirt, this was better but only lasted a few hours until my undershirt was stretched out and my pants were now hanging three or four inches lower. I then set out to come up with my own product that would give me the comfort of pants that truly fit without the embarrassment of traditional suspenders. I then invented Invisaspenders, they are truly the perfect product.

Your pants are supported by suspenders worn under your shirt. You can wear larger, more comfortable pants that truly fit. Your shirt is tucked in and held in place by being pinched between a revolutionary clip and button. There is no stress or pulling on your shirt and your shirt is undamaged.

I've worn them everyday for two years now, and I can wear them all day. My pants stay secure and my shirt stays tucked in and no one is the wiser. I've played numerous rounds of golf with them on and without a doubt I am the most comfortable person there. It wasn't long until I began to hear compliments and questions about weight loss, it seemed I looked ten to fifteen pounds lighter. What a welcomed change!

Finally after a long and expensive patent process they're available for you. I must warn you they are addictive. The one time I forgot them, I found my self feeling extremely self-conscious, like that dream where you're back in high school and you're the only one in your underwear.

I'm sure you'll be as comfortable as I am in Invisaspenders.